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Hot Off the Press: "bruno. 2020"

The current annual magazine of the Giordano Bruno Foundation is issued in a print run of 10,000 copies

"Nothing makes sense except in the light of evolution" is the cover story of the current issue of "bruno." Furthermore, the elaborately designed annual magazine of the Giordano Bruno Foundation reports, among other things, on the Secular Bus Campaign 2019, the "Karlsruhe Verdict and its Enemies" and "Rationality in (the Coronavirus) Crisis". In the next few days, about 6,000 bruno. issues will be sent out to subscribers of the gbs annual magazine. Further copies can be ordered from the foundation secretariat from 26 October.

"The current bruno. is even more colourful and varied than last year's issue," says gbs spokesman Michael Schmidt-Salomon. "The issue starts with an impressive portrait of our advisory board member Monika Griefahn, who has been able to make a big difference as co-founder of Greenpeace Germany, Lower Saxony's Minister of the Environment, chairwoman of the Alternative Nobel Prize Committee and the Cradle to Cradle NGO. This is followed by an in-depth interview with Carsten Frerk, to whom we owe not only our knowledge of the finances and lobbying activities of the churches in Germany, but also the Forschungsgruppe Weltanschauungen in Deutschland (fowid - Research Group on Worldviews in Germany) and the Humanistic Press Service (hpd). We dedicate no less than eight pages to the title theme 'In the Light of Evolution', which explains why the gbs is so committed to the dissemination of evolutionary knowledge. On six pages we deal with the Secular Bus Campaign, with which we called for the 'Farewell to the Church Republic' in 2019. On four pages each we report on 'People Who Make a Difference', on the very different reactions to the landmark ruling on assisted suicide by the Federal Constitutional Court, and on our efforts to strengthen the principles of rationality despite the coronavirus crisis".

The overview of the most important events of the previous year is particularly detailed in the current issue: "We had difficulties in accommodating the many events and activities in our annual report," explains gbs business manager Elke Held. "Although we left out a number of things, the 2019 annual review in the bruno. magazine 2020, at 18 pages, is six pages longer than the comprehensive review in the previous issue. We can hardly complain about this, however, as it is proof that the foundation continues to grow and prosper".

As in the previous year, the gbs has again meticulously reported its income and expenditure in the current issue, which was once again laid out by the Trier-based graphic designer Roland Dahm (ER-DE Grafik). The magazine also includes reports on exciting projects in the foundation environment, such as the Institut für Weltanschauungsrecht (ifw - Institute for Secular Law) or the Atheist Refugee Relief. And once again there is a "satirical addendum" at the very end of the magazine: last year, gbs advisory board member Gerhard Haderer contributed a wonderful caricature of the national leaders Trump and Kim; this time, gbs advisory board member Jacques Tilly provides a drawing that is as profound as it is amusing, which once again illuminates the bruno. title theme "Nothing makes sense..." from a different perspective.

"Following the great demand last year, we have increased the print run of our magazine to 10,000 copies", disclosed gbs founder Herbert Steffen. "Around 6,000 issues are being sent directly from the printing plant to our subscribers and should reach their recipients in the next few days or weeks - it is not possible to determine that precisely with the Dialogpost programme". Managing Director Elke Held adds: "Those who prefer the digital edition can now download it from the gbs website. You can also order the print edition free of charge from the gbs secretariat later on. However, to avoid double orders during the bruno. dispatch, we will not activate the corresponding order form until October 26th. Perhaps the print edition is already on its way and just needs a little longer to reach its destination".

The current bruno. annual magazine can be downloaded free of charge as a pdf document via this link. If you would like to browse through the magazine, you can also use this link to the Yumpu Kiosk (simply click on "Schließen" to remove the advertisement). A later order of the print edition is possible from 26 October, the corresponding order form will be published on this page on October 26, 2020.