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In order to ensure the quality of the foundation's work, the gbs directorate investigated new financing options. In this context the idea of establishing a circle of patrons was developed, which was founded in November 2012. The Giordano Bruno Stiftung currently counts more than 30 donors.

Prerequisite for joining the circle of patrons is an annual donation of at least €5,000. In appreciation of their commitment the members of the patron circle (if interested) are invited once a year to an event at the foundation's headquarters in Oberwesel (near Loreley, amidst the UNESCO World Heritage Upper Middle Rhine Valley - including an overnight stay). At these meetings prominent gbs members present the activities of the foundation and engage in "fireside chats" with the guests. In addition, the members of the patron circle receive information on occurences within the foundation and are invited to upcoming events.

Besides anonymous donors who do not wish to be named for personal reasons, the following persons belong to the circle of patrons:

  • Uwe-Christian Arnold
  • Dr. Thorsten Barnickel
  • Dr. Volker Baumgartner
  • Hertha Beuschel-Menze
  • Steffen Claus
  • Matthias Druba
  • Dr. Gunter Dunkel
  • Heidi Dunkel
  • Prof. Dr. Dr. Olaf Gierhake
  • Dr. Benedikt Hegner
  • Dr. Daniel Heinrich
  • Ingrid Herrla
  • Dr. Heiner Holtkötter
  • Achim Horn
  • Dr. Mathias Jung
  • Dr. Holger Kühn
  • Wolfgang Mahnfitz
  • Robert Maier
  • Robert Matthäus Maier
  • Frohmut Menze
  • Joachim Müller
  • Dr. Jürgen Pelka
  • Gerhard Rampp
  • Monika Rampp
  • Erwin Schiessl
  • Werner Schmid
  • Dr. Achim Schuhen
  • Wolfgang Sellinger
  • Michael Sieger
  • Dr. Theis Stüven
  • Dr. Bernd Vowinkel
  • Dr. Michael Wieder
  • Dr. Barbara Wörle
  • Julian-Huxley-Stiftung

If you are interested in becoming a member of the gbs-Stifterkreis (circle of patrons) as well (or if you know someone we should approach), please contact the founder and first chairman of the gbs, Herbert Steffen.

Contact details:

E-Mail: steffen(at)

Phone: 06744/7105020