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Regionalgruppentreffen 2014 (Foto: Evelin Frerk)

"Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come," is a French proverb. This appears to hold true regarding the gbs. Regional groups of the Giordano Bruno Stiftung have been established in many places - and new ones are constantly emerging. Here you will find a list of gbs groups that have been formed so far. Please also note the information on the regional group representatives (see bottom of page).

Geographical distribution of gbs regional groups


gbs aachen
Contact: info[at]

gbs Augsburg
Contact: d.farago[at]

gbs Bamberg
Regionalgruppe der Evolutionären Humanisten
Contact: gbs.bamberg[at]

gbs Berlin-Brandenburg
Evolutionäre Humanisten Berlin-Brandenburg (EHBB e.V.)

gbs Bodensee e.V.
Contact: info[at]

gbs Braunschweig
Contact: info[at]

gbs Dresden
Gesellschaft zur Förderung von Aufklärung,
Humanismus und Religions-Freiheit e.V.
Contact: pietsch[at]

gbs Düsseldorf
Contact: gbs[at]

gbs Fulda
Evolutionäre Humanisten Fulda e.V.
Contact: kontakt[at]

gbs Göttingen
Evolutionäre Humanisten Göttingen e.V.

gbs Hamburg e.V.
Contact: info[at]

gbs Hannover
Contact: info[at]

gbs Hunsrück/Mosel
Contact: gbs.hunsrueckmosel[at]

gbs Kaiserslautern/Westpfalz
Evolutionäre Humanisten

gbs Karlsruhe
Contact: info[at]

gbs Kassel e.V.
Contact: info[at]

gbs Koblenz/Mittelrhein
Religionsfreie, evolutionäre Humanisten

gbs Köln e.V.
Contact: info[at]

gbs Leipzig

gbs Mainz/Rheinhessen e.V.
Gottlose Humanisten
Contact: info[at]

gbs Mittelfranken
Contact: mail[at]

gbs Mittelthüringen
Contact: kontakt[at]

gbs München e.V.
Contact: kontakt[at]

gbs Neu-Isenburg
Humanistische Gemeinschaft Neu-Isenburg
Contact: neu-isenburg[at]

gbs Österreich

gbs Oldenburg/Bremen
Contact: human[at]

gbs Osnabrück
Contact: info[at]

gbs Ostwestfalen-Lippe

gbs Rhein-Neckar e.V.
Säkulare Humanisten Rhein-Neckar e.V.
Contact: info[at]

gbs Ruhrgebiet
Religionsfrei im Revier
Contact: mitteilung[at]

gbs Saar
Evolutionäre Humanisten
Contact: gbssaar[at]

gbs Schleswig-Holstein

gbs Schweiz (zurzeit inaktiv)
Contact: info[at]

Schweizer Freidenker (Kooperationspartner der gbs)
Ansprechpartner für gbs-Fördermitglieder in der Schweiz

gbs Stuttgart/Mittlerer Neckar e.V.
Contact: info[at]

Säkulare Humanisten
Freunde der gbs in Frankfurt
Contact: info[at]

(AG) Säkulare Organisationen in Hessen

gbs Trier
Evolutionäre Humanisten Trier e.V.
Contact: info[at]

gbs Ulm
Contact: Info[at]

gbs Unterfranken

Regional Group Coordinators:​

In spring 2015 the gbs groups elected three regional group coordinators for a three-year term for the second time (the first election took place in 2012). A fourth coordinator was nominated after the election in order to meet the increased workload. The regional group coordinators are responsible for coordinating the work of the groups, for supporting joint nationwide activities, and for optimizing communication with the foundation's directorate. Currently these are: David Farago, Luisa Lenneper, Falko Pietsch, and Maximilian Steinhaus.

For general questions about the regional groups, please contact the following address: rg-vertreter[at]