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Wessels, Ulla

Prof. Dr. Ulla Wessels, philosopher


Photo: Evelin Frerk

Ulla Wessels was born in Münster in 1965. She studied philosophy, art history, and German language and literature. She conducted research and taught in Leipzig and Göttingen, at the University of California in Berkeley, and at the Australian National University in Canberra. She currently holds a professorship in practical philosophy at Saarland University.

Her main research areas are: Desire, consequentialism, utilitarianism, supererogation, moral psychology, meaning of life, and bioethics (abortion, genetic engineering). Wessels was awarded the Wolfgang Stegmüller Prize in 2003 for her work "Die gute Samariterin - Zur Struktur der Supererogation" ("The Good Samaritan - On the structure of supererogation").

Publications (selection):

  • Das Gute, 2011
  • Handeln mit Bedeutung und Handeln mit Gewalt. (ed., with Christoph Lumer and Christoph Fehige), 2009
  • Die gute Samariterin. Zur Struktur der Supererogation, 2002
  • Der Sinn des Lebens. Philosophische und andere Texte, (ed., with Georg Meggle and Christoph Fehige) 2000
  • Preferences (ed., with Christoph Fehige; Perspectives in Analytical Philosophy, volume 19). 1998
  • Analyomen 1 - Proceedings of the 1st Conference on "Perspectives in Analytical Philosophy" (ed., with Georg Meggle), 1994