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Frerk, Evelin

Photographer, gbs photo editor

Evelin Frerk, a post-war child (born 1947 in Hamburg), remained unaffected by religious doctrine. Up to the age of 30 she worked as a training instructor in the well-paid Hamburg publishing industry.

Afterwards: crossing of the Sahara, special highschool graduation for gifted children, journalism, reports for Twen, Wiener, Tango, and - as one of the first women - for Playboy. People are and remain the centre of her work. She has lived with and from photography since 1983. In addition to numerous group and solo exhibitions, she is also graphics editor for the Humanistischer Pressedienst (hpd - Humanistic Press Service) and the gbs. She also set up the gallery of contemporary humanists on the web. More information about Evelin Frerk at: