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Critical Islam Conference in Cologne


Event poster

From May 31 to June 01, 2008, the Critical Islam Conference will take place in Cologne. Among the participants are Mina Ahadi, chairwoman of the Central Council of Ex-Muslims (ZdE), journalist Ralph Giordano, journalist Günter Wallraff, and German-Turkish writer Fatma Bläser.

The discussion will focus on controversial issues, including the connection between Islam and Islamism, and the compatibility of Islam's basic norms with human rights. Organizers are the Central Council of Ex-Muslims (ZdE), the Giordano Bruno Stiftung (gbs), Redaktion Hintergrund, Aktion 3. Welt Saar, Alibri-Verlag and Location: Faculty of Human Sciences, University of Cologne, Gronewaldstr. 2, Cologne-Lindenthal. Start: Saturday, 10.00 am.

Website of the Critical Islam Conference (with the possibility of online registration, in German):