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German Humanist Day 2019

Multi-day event from 5-8 September 2019 in the House of the Patriotic Society in Hamburg

70 years ago, the German Basic Law was passed, which puts the freedom and equality of human beings in the foreground and establishes the framework of our democratic constitutional state. Especially today, when extremists and nationalists are regaining influence, it is important to defend these values. Under the motto "Humanists for Human Rights and Tolerance", the "German Humanist Day" calls for an enlightening and humanistic discourse. Mina Ahadi, Carsten Frerk, Hartmut Kreß, Ingrid Matthäus-Maier, Ralf Meister, Aydan Özoguz, Rainer Rosenzweig, Michael Schmidt-Salomon and Assunta Tammelleo are among the participants.

The German Humanist Day 2019, which takes place from 5 to 8 September in the rooms of the Patriotic Society of 1765 in Hamburg, is organized by the Stiftung Geistesfreiheit (Foundation for Freedom of Thought, under the direction of its first chairman Konny G. Neumann) with the support of many secular organizations. The programme is wide-ranging and includes lectures and panel discussions as well as workshops and theatre performances. In addition, a "Science Slam" offers scientists the opportunity to bring their research projects to the stage in an entertaining 10-minute lecture. Further information on the programme can be found in the event flyer (in German), which can be downloaded as a PDF document from the Humanist Day website.

The Humanist Day from 5-8 September 2019 in the House of the Patriotic Society (Trostbrücke 6, 20457 Hamburg) will open on Thursday at 5 pm. Anyone interested in participating in the multi-day event can register for the Humanist Day via the website. Ticket sales online at: