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Humanistic Press Service (hpd) Launched!


Photo: Evelin Frerk

Last Friday (October 20, 2006), the Humanistischer Pressedienst (hpd - Humanistic Press Service) was officially presented to the public at a press conference in the Berlin City Hall.

hpd editor-in-chief Carsten Frerk explained the press service's goals and the development of the website In response to questions from journalists, Horst Groschopp, chairman of Humanistischer Verband Deutschland (Humanistic Association Germany), and Michael Schmidt-Salomon, spokesman of the Giordano Bruno Stiftung, explained the reasons that led to the launch of the press service.

Carsten Frerk said, hpd will give secular humanism in Germany a voice. With hpd, a central media contact for the public has been created that provides first-hand information on humanistic positions and activities. Groschopp and Schmidt-Salomon thanked all those involved in the development of the press service and described hpd as "a milestone in the history of secular humanism in Germany."