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"Now More Than Ever: Away with §219a StGB!"

gbs supports nationwide campaign day for sexual self-determination on 26 January

The so-called compromise proposal to modify § 219a of the German Criminal Code ("Advertising for Abortion"), which the government coalition presented in December 2018, does not improve the situation of physicians, pregnancy conflict counseling centers, and unintentionally pregnant women whatsoever. Therefore, the "Bündnis für sexuelle Selbstbestimmung" ("Alliance for Sexual Self-determination"), including the gbs, calls for a "nationwide campaign day for the abolition of § 219a StGB" on January 26, 2019.

Shortly after the publication of the compromise proposal, the three medical doctors Kristina Hänel, Nora Szász, and Natascha Nicklaus, who were sentenced on the basis of the paragraph, sharply criticized the paper and expressed their indignation that "women's rights are being betrayed for reasons of political power and fear of the right, and we medical doctors continue to be criminalized." gbs spokesman Michael Schmidt-Salomon, who had intensively investigated the German legislation on abortion in a philosophical legal essay, emphatically agreed with this assessment: "The so-called compromise proposal by the federal government is a bow to the interests of Christian right-to-lifers and represents a serious violation of the constitutionally required ideological neutrality of the state. Parliamentarians should finally recognize that private beliefs have no place in the legislation of a democratic constitutional state!"

In order to increase political pressure, the "Bündnis für sexuelle Selbstbestimmung" (Alliance for Sexual Self-determination) calls for a "creative, loud, colourful protest" against political stagnation and for changes in the legislation on abortion in Germany on January 26. Demonstrations and rallies are planned in Berlin, Cologne, Münster, Munich, and other cities. Further information can be found on the alliance's website.

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