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Möller, Philipp

Philipp Möller, pedagogue, author


Photo: Evelin Frerk

Philipp Möller was born in 1980 in (West) Berlin, where he grew up with three younger siblings. During his studies in pedagogy, which he completed in 2008, he developed a fascination for the new image of humans, which is shaped by brain research, sociobiology, and evolutionary psychology. After being press spokesman for the secular bus campaign in 2009 he volunteered as press consultant for the Giordano Bruno Stiftung until May 2014 and utilized numerous media appearances to publicize the idea of humanism and enlightenment (and the associated criticism of religion, e.g. in the talk shows "Anne Will", "Tacheles" and "SWR-Nachtcafé").

On the platform of the Humanistischer Pressedienst (hpd - Humanistic Press Service) he created the podcast "Philipp Möller im Gespräch" from 2010 to 2012. His appearance at the first edition of "Disput\Berlin!" on the topic "The world would be better off without religion" (2011), at which Möller (along with Necla Kelek and Alan Posener) succeeded in a particularly charming way in getting to the heart of the central arguments of modern religious criticism within the limited speaking time of four minutes, is certainly unforgettable. (The video recording of his statement was clicked more than 170 000 times on "YouTube".)

Today Philipp Möller works as a freelance author and published three bestsellers with his books "Isch geh Schulhof" (2012), "Bin isch Freak, oda was?!" (2014) and "Isch hab Geisterblitz - Neue Wortschätze vom Schulhof" (2015).