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Steinberger, Wolf

Wolf Steinberger, economist (M.Ec.), former entrepeneur

Wolf Steinberger, born in Munich in 1954, studied economic psychology in Augsburg. He graduated in 1978 (M.Ec.) with his diploma thesis "Motivationale Ursachen zur Entstehung von Bürgerinitiativen" ("Motivational Causes for the Emergence of Citizens' Initiatives").

In the following years he first worked in an import-export company in Paris for a year, then in the production control department of an industrial company, and finally as a seasonal waiter in the "Münchner Waldwirtschaft". Afterwards he tried to live his hippie dream and opened a cultural centre with a pub in the French Massif Central. In order to be able to professionally pursue this activity, he also completed an apprenticeship as a cook at the Vichy Hotel Management School (CFH).

Hippie life in the country, growing vegetables, cooking, cleaning, and chopping wood was soon too exhausting for him, and he moved back to Munich at the end of 1983. There he founded a corporation and acquired a struggling plastic processing company, which kept him busy for the next 27 years. Alongside the successful sale of this company, which he managed together with gbs adviser Assunta Tammelleo, the two of them acquired a small artistic performance venue at the end of 2008, which they use as an elaborate hobby ever since. The two of them also perform with various amateur bands - not only in their own domicile - on stages in Munich and the surrounding area, Assunta Tammelleo as singing front woman, Wolf Steinberger as bassist and guitarist.

Wolf Steinberger is a happy father of 4 children aged 12-30 (as of 2011), one of whom has sadly died. He dedicated the art prize blasphemy "Der freche Mario" ("The Cheeky Mario") to this son Mario, which is awarded every 2 years and which is meant to make fun of the monopoly of dogmatic systems. For Wolf Steinberger humour and art are the best tools for a free society.

In addition to his professional career and family, political work has always been important to him. At the age of 15 he left the church in 1969, and during his studies he was co-founder of the alternative newspaper "Podium". Since 1984 he is member of the IBKA (International League of Non-Religious and Atheists). Shortly after, he also joined the Humanistische Union (Humanistic Union) and the Bund für Geistesfreiheit München (Munich Association for Freedom of Thought), in which he was chairman for many years. Liberal politics in the sense of Bertrand Russell, democratic, free, and undogmatic basic structures, sexual self-determination, polyamory, religious freedom, and above all the separation between state and church are his main topics. Because networking, media, and publicity are so important for an open society, he is also a member of and occasional author for hpd (Humanistischer Pressedienst - Humanistic Press Service).