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Walther, Helmut

Helmut Walther, editor and author


Photo: Evelin Frerk

Helmut Walther was born in Nuremberg in 1947. After his graduation at the Melanchthon-Gymnasium in Nuremberg he studied law at Friedrich Alexander University in Erlangen.

From 1973 to 1994 he worked in construction and wholesale. Since 1995 he has been self-employed in the IT and internet sector. Since 1975 he has been intensively engaged in philosophical studies on the evolution of mind and culture, on problems of metaphysics, and on freethinking philosophers such as Friedrich Nietzsche, Ludwig Feuerbach, David Hume, and others. Since 1996 Helmut Walther has been a board member of the Gesellschaft für kritische Philosophie Nürnberg (Society for Critical Philosophy Nuremberg) and editor-in-chief of the journal "Aufklärung & Kritik" ("Enlightenment & Critique"), as well as first chairman of the Gesellschaft für kritische Philosophie Nürnberg (Society for Critical Philosophy Nuremberg) and of the Ludwig-Feuerbach-Gesellschaft Nürnberg (Ludwig Feuerbach Society Nuremberg) since 2008.

Walther has written articles on the above topics in journals (especially "Aufklärung & Kritik") and on the web. In addition he has held various lectures for the Gesellschaft für kritische Philosophie Nürnberg and the Ludwig-Feuerbach-Gesellschaft Nürnberg.

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