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Relax! A Philosophy of Serenity

Official presentation of the new book by Michael Schmidt-Salomon on March 10 at Haus Weitblick (ATTENTION: event is fully booked!)

"A wisdom book for the 21st century - original, positive, and pleasantly unagitated" - With these words Piper Verlag announces the new book "Entspannt euch!" ("Relax!") by Michael Schmidt-Salomon, which the author will present to the public for the first time on March 10. Admission to the event in the "Haus Weitblick" (headquarters of the Giordano Bruno Stiftung in Oberwesel) is free, prior registration is urgently required.

"Whoever can let go of their self develops a serene self." This is, as Michael Schmidt-Salomon points out in his current book, the key to an alternative view of the world that can make us more relaxed, humorous, courageous people. It certainly does not solve all problems facing us. But it helps us to a new "lightness of being", which gives us the strength to endure with greater ease what we cannot change, and to change more effectively what we do not have to endure.

"Entspannt euch" is not about "spa vacations" of course, but about basic questions of philosophical living, about our relationship to ourselves and to the world, which the author illustrates, among other things, in a quite amusing comparison of the very different self- and world views of Albert Einstein and Donald Trump. Schmidt-Salomon draws in the new book on much of what he has written in the last 25 years - and yet it differs fundamentally from his other works as it deals exclusively with topics that directly affect us as individuals. The aphorism at the beginning of the book illustrates its direction: "When you no longer feel guilty about being who you are, you will find it easier to become who you could be."​

About the speaker: Dr. Michael Schmidt-Salomon, born 1967, is a philosopher and writer, co-founder and spokesman of the Giordano Bruno Stiftung, as well as a member of the directorate of the "Institut für Weltanschauungsrecht" (ifw - Institute for Secular Law). Among his most famous publications are the books "Jenseits von Gut und Böse", "Leibniz war kein Butterkeks", "Keine Macht den Doofen", "Hoffnung Mensch", "Manifest des evolutionären Humanismus" and "Die Grenzen der Toleranz" as well as the children's books "Wo bitte geht`s zu Gott? fragte das kleine Ferkel", "Susie Neunmalklug erklärt die Evolution" and "Big Family - Die phantastische Reise in die Vergangenheit". Further information:

Information on the event:

The event on March 10, 2019, at "Haus Weitblick" (Auf Fasel 16, 55430 Oberwesel) begins at 2 pm with a champagne reception, the official part of the program starts at 3 pm. Admission is free, donations are kindly appreciated.

The event is fully booked. Registration is no longer possible

ATTENTION: To relieve the parking situation we ask our guests to travel by train or to park their car free of charge at the train station (Mainzer Str. 6, opposite the red church, 55430 Oberwesel). A taxi shuttle service for a free transfer between the station and the foundation's headquarters will be available for all guests before and after the event (shuttle service from the station to "Haus Weitblick" between 1.30 pm and 2.30 pm, and after the event back from the foundation's headquarters to Oberwesel main station).