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Bills, Illustrations, Photographs


gbs-art-collection: Jacques Tilly

In a media-driven society such as ours, it is important to generate good images. Right from the beginning, the Giordano Bruno Stiftung has tried to transport its messages into society with good pictures and illustrations. Herein, the artists assembled in the foundation were of great help. In order to enlarge an image, please click on it.

"Heathen Fun rather than Hell’s torture": Religion-free zone in Cologne, the gbs antidote to the Catholic 'World Youth Day' (2005)

gbs-Art-Collection (I): Postcard series with pictures by Janosch, Jacques Tilly, Wolfram Kastner and Stephanie Ophees

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gbs-Art-Collection (II): Postcard series with pictures by Ralf König, Janosch, Jacques Tilly und Rolf Heinrich

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Protest der ehemaligen Heimkinder (2010)

Pictures of the Anti-Pope-Demo "Keine Macht den Dogmen" (2011)

Campaign against religious discrimination at the workplace (2012)

Children's rights campaign "Mein Körper gehört mir!" (2012)

Other posters of campaigns and events